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Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney

If you're considering, or already have a Power of Attorney, we're here to help and provide you with guidance and support.

The first step is for you to decide which type of Power of Attorney will meet your needs.

Although we are unable to give any legal advice, we have included information about how to get in touch with other organisations that may be able to assist you.

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Important documents

  • Power of Attorney document – We will need to see a full copy of either the original Power of Attorney document or a copy which has been certified on each page. If the Donor is mentally capable he/she can certify the copy power. Or the copy can be certified by a Solicitor, a Notary Public, a Member of the Council for Licensed Conveyancers, a Member of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEX). In addition to this, if it is a General Power of Attorney, a Stockbroker can certify the copy.
  • Restrictions and Conditions – If your power contains any restrictions and conditions, we may require additional information from you before we can register the Power with us. For example, if the restriction requires medical confirmation of the Donor's capacity, we may need to see this.
  • Identification and Address Verification – We will need to see suitable documents for identification and address verification for each Attorney wanting to act. Please note that if the Attorneys are appointed 'jointly' or 'jointly for some decisions' we will need to see identification and address verification for each Attorney. Please refer to our 'Help us Identify you' page.

Contacting us

HSBC customers
03457 404 404

From outside the UK +44 1226 261010.

Lines are open 8am to 10pm every day (except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day)

Non HSBC customers
03456 040 626

Lines are open 8am to 10pm every day (except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day)


  • Attorney – A person/people appointed to look after the finances/property and affairs/health and welfare of another person.
  • Certified copy – Photocopy of a Power of Attorney document which bears a certificate signed by an authorised person (eg the Donor, a solicitor, a notary public) at the end of each page to confirm that it is a true and complete copy of the original.
  • Deed of Revocation – Formal document which may be used to cancel a Power of Attorney.
  • Donor – An individual who wishes to give another person/people the authority to act or make decisions on their behalf.
  • 'Jointly' AND 'Jointly and Severally' AND 'Jointly and Individually' – This applies if there are multiple Attorneys appointed. 'Jointly' means that all of the Attorneys must act together at all times.
  • 'Jointly and Severally' or 'Jointly and Individually' means that the Attorneys can either act individually or together.

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