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Existing investment customers

Already investing with us? Here’s how to manage your investments

During this volatile period, it’s possible the value of your investments will have fallen. We appreciate this can be unsettling. Yet it’s also normal for markets to react to fast-moving events in this way.  Staying focused on your long-term plans can help you avoid panic selling.

For HSBC analysis of how coronavirus is affecting global markets, visit our Wealth Insights hub. For details of how to access and manage your investments online, please see the pages below.


If you’re registered for our online fund platform, this guide shows you how to buy, sell and switch funds, and set up regular investments.


If you have an online sharedealing account, this guide shows you how to buy and sell shares, and open and manage an InvestDirect ISA.


If you hold HSBC Child Trust Fund, here’s a guide to help you manage your investment.


If your investments have recently moved to our Global Investment Centre, here’s information about how to manage them.


If you have an HSBC Onshore Investment Bond, here’s where you’ll find the brochure and other key investor information.

Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions

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Here’s where you can find links to our fund managers’ value assessment reports.


If you’re considering taking out or cashing in an investment, here’s how we can support you while you’re making financial decisions.

Our Engagement Policy

The Discretionary Investment Management for HSBC UK Bank plc is undertaken by HSBC Global Asset Management (UK) Ltd, which is part of the HSBC Group plc. For details of how HSBC Global Asset Management (UK) engages with investee companies as part of its investment, including voting records, please read its Engagement Policy.

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